21 October 2008


The concept of anonymity is a rare one in our high-exposure world. The world of 2008 is one of publicists, paparazzi, posing, preening, "private" parties broadcast over the web and PR preceding person - and all this we revel in. We blog, we Facebook, we MySpace, we photograph, we film, we update our status.

When it comes to anonymity in Fashion, it's about as common as a cobra in the arctic (stupid analogy, but you get the idea). With the increasing celebrity of our beloved army of iconic Superdesigners, whose renown almost precedes their wares (think Lagerfeld, Jacobs, Galliano), inevitably comes an increasing democratisation of Fashion. I.e. More people know more about fashion and its workings.

This is self-evident in the fact we now see fashion editorials starring designers rather than or as well as models (see Craig McDean's Stefano Pilati story in the September 2008 issue of Interview, or the July 2008 issue of W starring numerous designers in a Bruce Weber summer-camp-style shoot). Now we not only want to know everything about the clothes themselves, we want to know about who designed them, who styled the show, who sat in the front row, who did the hair and makeup for the show, who rates the label, what sort of person wears it and how it will improve our lives. These desires are nothing new, except once they were less attainable if you weren't "in" Fashion. Now practically anyone can know these things if they glance in the right direction.

Some may say this democratisarion is a good thing - and who am I to argue? - but I am sure there are some fashionistas who would like to keep the fact that they know Riccardo Tisci designs for Givenchy and Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga a little bit exclusive. I could continue in this vein, mention the ever-increasing public recognition of the amazing, era-defining Katie Grand, Pat McGrath, Fabien Baron, etc., & co., - the, what I like to call, 'Fashion Celebrities' - illustrate their various attributes, reasons for success, favourite restaurants, signature scents, etc.; but I won't.

All I will say is Martin Margiela is, in my opinion, an amazing designer. His collection for Spring/Summer 2009 was his 20th anniversary. Again in my humble opinion, he did an amazing job of presenting new ideas of fashion in a modern, challenging collection whilst maintaining all that says MARGIELA - or, as it were, doesn't.

(Pics: Style.com)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you imagine walking in those shoes with your face covered?

25 October, 2008 12:43  
Blogger doctork said...

I love the one with the legs! I could do that!:)

16 November, 2008 07:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really powerful images El. I really like them! Have you seen my 12.07pm performance? What happens when you cover a face?
These images tickle me with desire and the urge to discover what is beneath. to pick at the surface. to objectify and devour these bodies of faceless, unconsciousness.
they kind of give me a boner too.



26 November, 2008 16:06  

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