10 September 2012

Net Narrative @ Carlos/Ishikawa

Opening this Wednesday night, 12 September 2012, from 6-8pm at Carlos/Ishikawa in London is an exhibition curated by Harry Burke titled Net Narrative. The show includes work by Iain Ball, Ed Fornieles, Marlie Mul (below), Katja Novitskova, Ben Vickers, Artie Vierkant and Holly White.

As Harry Burke describes in the exhibition text: 'The aim of this exhibition is to consider in what ways narrative might be not simply a mode of perception, but a mode of politicisation. "Politicisation" is used here in the soft sense; as a way of being. What narrative offers is the suggestion of unity through context, in a way that remains coherent across the temporal and spatial discontinuities that we’ve come to accept as part of contemporary, networked living. Yet it is also, crucially, not passive. It’s impossible to exist in the world without creating, and what we create is reality.'

For more information, visit the Facebook event, the Google+ event or carlosishikawa.com. The show runs through 20 October 2012 and you will find the gallery at Unit 4, 88 Mile End Road, London E1 4UN.


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