14 October 2011


Check out this new work from brilliant New York-based photographer, Ruvan Wijesooriya:


Ruvan has spoken to various individuals present at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City. These short clips offer a really interesting insight - from very varied perspectives - on what this occupation means for people there at Liberty Square, and indeed for the United States and the world at large. (Click pics for links.)

If you're curious to read something more theoretical about what's going on with OCCUPY, two very good online journals, transversal and e-flux, have come out with issues dedicated to OCCUPY. transversal's '#occupy and assemble∞' issue can be found here, and e-flux Journal #28 is here.

Plus, it is also worth checking up on blogs like Jodi Dean's I cite, Laurie Penny's Penny Red, Brian Holmes' Continental Drift, or Richard Seymour's Lenin's Tomb, for various musings on this and related struggles.

There is a great opinion piece on Al Jazeera English called 'The class warfare the rich don't understand' by Heather Digby Parton. And you can read/hear Slavoj Žižek's take on OCCUPY by clicking this link. There are many, many insightful YouTube clips documenting this occupation circulating about the interwebs. For example, via Democracy Now!:

Lastly, for those in Sydney and environs, there is a solidarity demonstration starting tomorrow, 15 October 2011, at Martin Place in the CBD from 14:30. For more information, visit the Occupy Sydney website or the Facebook event.

The OccupySydney.org.au 'Unifying Statement' follows thus:

*We act in solidarity with protests and occupations that have occurred and are occurring in New York and other US cities, Spain, Greece, Egypt and other cities around the world.
*We are the 99%.
*The system is broken.
*A better world is possible.
*Human need, not corporate greed!

They stress that this will be a 'peaceful' and 'mass democratic' occupation, which 'will be a place for discussion about what is wrong with this system, how we can change it, and the organisation of the occupation itself.'

Let's see where this thing can go, let's see if the 99% have still got it in them after all these years of being told they should desire to be the 1.

In solidarity,


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