9 October 2011

STREETERS has a new website!

Check out the great new website for Creative Management & Representation agency, Streeters:


Streeters is based in London and New York and represents some of fashion's most important artists, including Alastair McKimm, Andrew Richardson, Cathy Edwards, Eugene Souleiman, Jacob K, Jane How, Karl Templer, Kate Phelan, Luigi Murenu, Mario Godlewski, Mark Segal, Pat McGrath, Raphael Salley, Richard Nicoll, Russell Marsh, Tabitha Simmons, Tom Allen, Val Garland, Vanessa Reid, and many more.

Streeters was established in 1988 by Beverley Streeter and Liz McKiver, who today direct the London and New York offices respectively. The agency's ethos has always been about discovering and developing new creative talent who push fashion imagery in new directions and blur the categories of confinement, whilst simultaneously maintaining a stable and reliable work-ethic, which has enabled - and continues to enable - the cultivation of a strong and loyal client base.

The new website has been conceived and produced by Streeters' Art Department manager, Siobhan Cait Farrar, in consultation with the whole Streeters team as well as Streeters artists. The result is a concise, regularly updated and easily navigated portal into what each artist is up to.

The new site is easy and efficient, with drop-down menus that actually work, allowing paths to be (re)traced simply and logically (e.g. London>Hair Stylists>Eugene Souleiman>Editorial>Full Screen), with simple 'Back' buttons, various portfolio-viewing options and PDF download feature.

In addition, Streeters now has a blog, which has regular posts about new editorials, advertising campaigns and related news. Everything is tagged and linked, so it's really easy to connect artists who work together or stories which contain multiple Streeters artists.

The site has been in development for an extended period and has been worked and reworked to get it to the current point of efficiency, ease and visual pleasure. The amount of work at the back-end of a site like this is expansive and never-ending. There is an immense history of work by many of the artists (particularly established ones), which has needed to be digitally archived and sorted from the existing physical magazine archives - Streeters has a wonderful magazine collection.

This sort of work is that from times before fashion's digitisation at every level; when images existed primarily as hard copies - literally, 'tear-sheets' or 'tears' - and magazines were the only way of seeing the work of fashion artists. Indeed, there was a time, really not so long ago, when physical portfolios were laid out and re-laid out almost every day as new editorials came. This was done for every working artist by the art department and the agent, and the portfolios were sent out to prospective clients by couriers - real people, not 0s and 1s - every day. Now this process tends more and more to occur via PDFs, links, downloads, etc.

This development is by no means a bad one, it's just worth remembering that a lot of the fashion we see on the screen - which, I would say, is where most of us access it, most of the time - has a very physical, tangible and human backstory.

So this new site - despite its apparent simplicity - has required much research and planning, myriad conversations, a lot of schlepping magazines and scanning tears, and hours of tagging; combined with the fact that artists are continually producing new work which requires archiving, editing and arrangement. This is an ongoing task that is often unnoticed when we see such a comprehensive catalogue or archive of production laid out so neatly, and at the click of a finger.

So congratulations to Siobhan and everyone at Streeters for this great effort and thanks for the amazing resource! I encourage everyone to check out the site and provide any feedback you may have by contacting art[AT]streeterslondon.com.

[Tweeters, you can follow Streeters at: @StreetersLDN and @StreetersUSA.]


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