19 September 2011

My Soul At Work for New Planes

Please excuse self-promotion (though this is a blog, after all) but below is an article I wrote for New Planes Public Press Issue #2, The Page as a Performance Site. You may remember I wrote about the New Planes 2 launch here earlier, which consisted of performative interventions and installations inspired by the issue.

It was a really great night, with good people, good work and good whisky. Plus everyone got a copy of the broadsheet, which includes contributions in text/photo/graphic/(etc.)-form from a whole heap of good souls and costs only $3. You yourself can procure a copy via the stockists listed here.

To read my article (and contributions from Hellen Rose and Eleanor Bennett), click the images below.

P.S. This article has also been published (in slightly revised format) for THCBTP's chapbook series, but more on that later.


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