25 August 2011

l honneur de timur presents rezeption (27 August)

For those who are curious to experience, this Saturday 27 August 2011 l honneur de timur presents a multidisciplinary occasion on the topic of 'reception'. Likeminded transnational players have been invited by l honneur de timur to contribute sound, movement, voice, visuals, text, cuisine, installation (etc.), which will circulate in the context of topic and location.

rezeption treats l honneur de timur's desire to initiate an environment which encourages all present to embrace the situation and further it, with emphasis on the enhancement of communal possibilities through time and physical effort. The credo is 'any absorption demands something given'.

rezeption occurs from 1pm to 1am in an old mill in Berlin's Kreuzberg. You will find the daylong event via the courtyard at Falckensteinstra├če 48 (U-bahn Schlesisches Tor).

You can obtain further information by visiting Facebook, where you will find the l honneur de timur page and the rezeption event. To read more about the concept and individuals involved, please click on the images below.

[P.S. Perennial self-excusing for self-propaganda. For my part in rezeption I will be presenting a text dealing in repetition and emphasising a tense of presence, performed (always) in past. This vocal engagement is combined with synthesizer by collaborator Matte Rochford, who I want to thank. All elements improvisatory in nature, resulting hasardously, within their respective - textual, sonic, verbal - frames.]


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