20 July 2011

THCBTP on Debt, Austerity, Resistance

For those in London, head to 26 Toynbee Street E1 7NE, where The Haircut Before the Party have their wonderful (free) hair salon and reading room set up.

This month's discussions are centred around debt (which makes the world go round - or not) and events have been organised around this subject to encourage a communal understanding of our relations with debt both as individuals and societally. A couple of weeks ago I went to a great talk by anthropologist David Graeber, from Goldsmiths, about the history of debt - a really informative discussion.

This week the following led-discussions will be intertwined with the haircutting, chatting and communal readings that normally occur at THCBTP:

Thursday 21 July, 2pm. "Hannah from Corporate Watch on banks, credit and explaining the financial crisis B2B [back-to-back] with someone from The Commune on the movement from real wages to credit (a class history of financialisation)".

Friday 22 July, 2pm. "Nick Dearden from Jubilee Debt Campaign on the IMF and the meaning of their restructuring".

Saturday 23 July, 2pm. "Richard from The Third Estate on resistance movements building against austerity in Europe and the UK".

"All events are aimed at participation."

The salon is open from Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 6pm, so pop over any time to get involved. If you want a free haircut, it's best to reserve a time in advance at thehaircutbeforetheparty.net.

And even for those who don't want their locks touched - THCBTP is a wonderful place to visit, chat, listen, meet people, read, hang out, discuss, interact and be involved in a different kind of currency.


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