2 June 2011

This Is Happening

Heidi is someone I've known for a long time - since we were children, in fact - but never really known well, that is to say closely. Nevertheless, Heidi is someone who has always somehow been present in my consciousness, someone from my small home town who always seemed interesting and, more importantly, interested. I can't say for sure if this is the case but, from reading what she has to say about things, I suspect so.

Heidi has been present with RRN since the very beginning. Some of my first test shots (back when I still wanted to be a fashion photographer) were with Heidi, many taken with my old lomo camera not far from our school, her wearing our school skirt uniform and a leather jacket I'd found in an op-shop.

Excuse the nostalgia, but a lot has changed since then. Necessarily. In practically every way. However I still don't really know Heidi that well, though I did recently come across her blog, This Is Happening, which is kind of about what is happening culturally around Sydney, as well as interesting events, recipes, thoughts on stuff, photographs, observations, etc., that Heidi is assembling online. You know, a blog.

On Heidi's blog I read this post, where she speaks about this incredible series of serendipitous events and how these things are all interconnected (read it!) and now I am posting it on here to continue the movement, and now let's just wait and see where we end up next.

Here's to coincidences that aren't, after all, so coincidental ...


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