28 April 2011


ART WORKERS WON'T KISS ASS. (Click the pic!)

The name Agência is derived from the title of painter Ângelo de Sousa's drawings, which were 'made up of simple gestures, grammars for languages between bodies, capable of enactment by anyone'.

The Barber Shop in Lisbon presents a great programme of talks over the next two weekends. The talks will be in Portugese and English and address ideas around business and art, precariousness, going 'beyond authorial work', the neoliberal project to co-opt artistic flexibility 'as a model for entrepeneurship', 'the biopolitical turn defining late capitalism', and art and the law.

Agência will consist of four sessions, ranging 'from sociological reflection on the Portuguese artistic field (Vera Borges); the theoretical and philosophical analysis of precarious labor under late capitalism (José Neves & Miguel Castro Caldas); examples of association and labor activism (Scottish Artists Union); as well as when art and copyright interfere with Law (Daniel McClean).'

There will also be an online Q&A with Temporary Services, whose Art Work newspaper will be available, plus contributions from artist Kobe Matthys' Agency project, as well as the results of a recent inquiry into workers in the field of contemporary art in Portugal.

Check it out!

The Barber Shop is a project by Margarida Mendes. In 2011 artists Mariana Silva and Pedro Neves Marques are curatorial fellows.


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