10 April 2011

Crackademic for New Planes

I wrote a piece called Crackademic > Crack-pandemic for the first issue of New Planes Public Press, 'an open model for writers and artists to experiment with text and images in print format', which launched in February. I was trying to discuss a broad idea of the academy as I see it playing out in contemporary society. I was also just trying to play around with some ideas I've been having and some different text formats.

You can read my text by clicking on the images below (apologies for dodgy scans, but I'd love to hear what you think!). New Planes is edited by Lisa Lerkenfeldt and Hayley Morgan and is available at stockists in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne (as well as online) for a lowly $3.

For more information and to submit to issue 2, visit newplanes.tumblr.com or contact newplanescult@gmail.com.


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