9 March 2011

Strawberry Skies at Watt Space

For those in Newcastle (Australia) and environs I highly recommend you check out Manon Marguerite of Strawberry Skies' first exhibition, which opened today at Watt Space.

Strawberry Skies is the label of Newcastle-based designer Manon Marguerite. Manon's work is inspired by Japanese street fashions and uses both found and self-designed fabrics and materials to create styles that can be assembled into Lolita looks or worn as singular pieces.

All Strawberry Skies garments made individually by the designer, who currently works on a 'pre-order basis, where designs are released then ordered prior to being made.' Far from being typical Lolita-fashion, Manon's prints are inspired by Andy Warhol's soup cans or aliens in space and have names like Fish Bowl, Crayon Box and Odile (more commonly known as the black swan). All Strawberry Skies garments are made in Australia but shipped internationally, you can find more info at m-strawberryskies.com.

The solo exhibition will include both released and unreleased designs as well as Strawberry Skies photo-shoots such as these above (photos by Manon Marguerite & Luke Marshall). To see some of the stuff inspiring Strawberry Skies, visit Manon's Tumblr at strawberryskies.tumblr.com.

Despite some help from friends with photography, Manon is very much a one-woman show. She designs, makes, markets and manages all Strawberry Skies business herself, even down to the website design and brand identity. Support her by heading down to Watt Space, corner of Auckland and King Streets in Newcastle, for the opening event tomorrow, Thursday 10 March, from 18:30.

And give her a kiss from me!


Blogger doctork said...

I am trying to get there, but it's not proving easy! It all looks fabulous!

10 March, 2011 03:34  

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