30 January 2011

ANGST Issue Two

Back in March 2010 I made a post about the launch of ANGST magazine's first issue, which included Cyprien Gaillard, Anastasia Freygang, Marko Righo, River Phoenix, and Alexandra Catiere, among others. Well now, January 2011, the second issue of ANGST has been launched and again presents us with a beautiful and intriguing array of artists, photographers and writers, all of whose work deals in some way with the publication's current theme of movement.

ANGST editor, Fiona Bryson, writes that 'Angst is a publication focusing on art, photography and counterculture', and it seems that the idea is for each issue to open up further questions about aesthetics and their relation to countercultures of different temporalities and geographies. In this issue, for example, Bryson has put the famous Teenage and Almost Grown works of Joseph Szabo (above) beside Leigh Ledare's Pretend You're Actually Alive series (below), which was exhibited at Pilar Corrias Gallery in 2010.

Also included in ANGST Issue Two are photographs by Hanayo of her daughter (below), Hugh Holland's images of 1970's Californian skate-culture, works by Austrian artist Marina Faust, and Miles Standish's photographs of the 1980's Melbourne underground scene. In addition, there are texts by Hannes Schmidt & Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Mike Brodie and Bryson herself.

ANGST magazine is stocked in selected book stores in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Palm Springs, Paris, Vancouver, Tokyo and Zurich - so plenty of chances to get your hands on a copy!


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