26 December 2010


Sydney-based artist Matte Rochford's contribution to parataxis was an 'installation for VHS tape, VCR, monitor and stool'.

The footage played on the monitor was found VHS material re-edited via multiple VCR plays/playbacks and then re-recorded onto one master parataxis tape. Very much the product of a given time and running approximately four hours, the resulting images incorporate traditional VHS motifs like the rainbow screen, time countdown, and pre-film shorts as well as random snippets of news or sports events.

The accompanying sound - projected solely from the old TV monitor - is equally derived haphazardly from whatever footage Matte happened to be using and thus depends on things like number of re-recordings. At times one could hear but a low murmur, whilst at others loud, seemingly random noises interpolated the space.

Matte works largely with performance and out-of-date technology and consequently does really interesting things with alarm clocks, TVs, VCRs and mobile phones. One performance includes setting dozens of alarm clocks at varying times to create a sonorous landscape of interruptions whilst Matte performs his poetry.

To keep up-to-date visit Matte's blog: txtme.blogspot.com


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