22 November 2010

Constant Dullaart

On Friday night I attended Offprint Paris, an art-book fair dedicated principally to photography publications. As well as stalls from dozens of publishers there was a series of performances organised by Peeping Tom, including a brilliant work from Constant Dullaart titled Skype performance, whereby Constant reenacted the infamous DVD screen-saver. You can see a version of it here.

Wanting to know more about Mr. Dullaart I googled him and came across his website via which one can visit many videos and Internet sites he has created. One of my favourites (possibly because the accompanying music is courtesy of Dusty!) is titled the revolving internet, 2010. Another is called No Sunshine, where the Sun is 'removed out of romantic sunset pictures found on flickr.com' to create bizarrely melancholy images somehow reminiscent of Gustave Le Gray.

Other Constant Dullaart projects include an online Waving Ocean (2010) and also the hilarious My Andy Warhol, where Dullaart has 'appropriated Warhol's identity, just as he appropriated corporate identities in his work.' See below, it's just perfect.


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