26 October 2010

parataxis II

Following parataxis I last year at Serial Space in Sydney, this Thursday we try for parataxis II at MKII in London.

Come experience works at 19:30 until late, including films / sound / performance / installation of :

Anastasia Freygang

Asta Meldal Lynge
Cecilie Skov
Jack Jeweller
Jakob Ohrt
Johanna Linsley
Kristoffer Josefsson
Lauren Moffatt
Maria Agiomyrgiannaki & Roberto Sanchez-Camus
Owen Parry

For one night only, coming from all directions and with all timings and organisations and tries, parataxis is about the work existing in that moment for what it is right now, without needing to be justified past or future. It’s about celebrating the sudden, the unrehearsed and, ultimately, what is and will be fleeting. Together.



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That sounds great!



27 October, 2010 05:34  

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