3 October 2010

I Wanna Be In That Show!

For those in London this Tuesday evening (5 October), I suggest hopping to Toynbee Studios to experience the latest show from London-based performance artist Owen Parry.

The work, I Wanna Be In That Show, will be performed for the first time as part of the Performance Matters Performing Idea programme, which aims to 'investigate the shifting relations between performance practice and discourse, event and writing'.

According to Owen's website, 'I Wanna Be in That Show is a performance about wanting to be in a performance. It draws on the feeling of seeing a performance and recognising one’s own desire to be in it or to have created it. It’s about art that drives you to make more art, to revel in its forms and textures and to question the bodies that occupy it.' I wanna be in that!

If you're still not convinced you wanna be in this, note that Tuesday's event is a double bill, with artist Augusto Corrieri performing his work Musical Pieces, which 'explores the deceptive qualities of perception and attention offered by the theatre, playing with different forms of on-stage concealment and trickery.' Something for everyone. And either way, you'll definitely get good bang for your buck.

For information on how to book, visit ArtsAdmin. The show starts at 20:30 and Toynbee Studios are at 28 Commercial Street, E1 6AB.


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