19 August 2010

Quote of the day, yay!

"Art calls for the world-inventing of utopia, the intensity of radical subjectivity, and the anxiety-provoking zig-zag of process: the everyday process of construction, destruction, reconstruction, and every saggy place on the diagram between what you tried and what really happened. Humor is the finest expression of this aspect of the diagram. Any attempt to systematize or understand art that excludes the chaosmatic laughter of fuck-ups, sabotage and refusal, the not-knowing what to do, has not charted out the full area of artistic process, has not calculated all the feelings, has not plumbed their depths to find lurking inside there its own oppositions and dialectics. The ordinary is the same as these dumb facts: the best description I ever read of existentialism was that it was the understanding that no one else can take a bath for you. No matter how much you deconstruct the subject, you will still want a date and you will still have to die, and you probably don't like the sound of either of those things. The blank page is a close encounter with the certainty of things going hopelessly wrong."

- Amy Sillman, notes on the diagram, from zum Gegenstand/das Diagram zine, 2009


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