8 September 2010

Late-Crap-it-all-ism by Jack Jeweller

Jack and I both contributed images to Ampersand Magazine's annual photography competition (see everybody's submissions here), which this year is themed 'The Fade' and is being judged by Bill Henson. One can submit up to four images and must include a 'description of the photograph(s)'. Below is Jack's image and his description of it. I asked Jack's permission to post them on this blog because I think they are really great.

"My photo 'Late-Crap-it-all-ism' responds to the theme, The Fade, in regard to the fading optimism in capitalism post-GFC.

It is an autocritical image. The anti-formalist approach to photo-image-making, in the tradition of Dadaist anti-sacral art making, highlights subjectivity of beauty and its precarious nature.

It examines the notion that, “beauty is right in front of us, we just need to open our eyes.”

This is self-evident. It maintains a transcendental beauty that withstands the image maker's conscious neglect of the aesthetic consideration.

The title's linguistics delineate the meaning of the visual grammar. It is understood that the image asks us to question late-capitalist culture and its deflated state with direct reference to the deflated iconography of the Mickey balloon and the half-lit co(ke) sign. However outside the frame something else, something more ominous, occurs. The primary concerns of the image escapes capture.

This concern lies in the image making processes and its social implications. The camera used is a Kodak disposable 'fun flash', stolen from Coles [supermarket].

The image-making process and ethical considerations put the notion of theft on trial. After the GFC, the disproportionate punitive measures inflicted on those who commit petty theft, like stealing a disposable camera, and those who cause millions of lives to change at the whims of their own greed become blinding. These are the realities we are faced with in the inflated state of the image economy. Not what is art, but what is theft."

- by Jack Jeweller


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