13 November 2010

Y'a le feu au lac

Tomorrow is the last day of y’a le feu au lac: a project by Maria Taniguchi, curated by Adeena Mey for the Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp in Cully, Switzerland.

As Adeena writes: "For her first show in Switzerland, Maria Taniguchi has produced a work consisting in a direct modification of the Kunsthalle’s electric lighting system, embezzling its technical dimension to inscribe it within a communication system. Taniguchi’s interest lies in information and the multiple legacies of western Modernism which she unpacks and turns into sites to be re-investigated by potential utopian or esoteric ideas, by way of the former’s materiality. The Morse-coded sentence chosen by the artist “Y’a le feu au lac” – literally meaning “there’s fire on the lake” – not only transforms the Kunsthalle by giving it the function of a lighthouse but also produces a gesture that unfolds itself, by appropriating a Swiss saying, so as to create heterogeneous meanings while it equally reflects on the conditions of the relationship between the artist and the location. Indeed, Y’a le feu au lac has been produced in absentia and hence creates a poetics evoking the conditions of its own production."

To learn more visit http://www.bxb.ch/kunsthalle/, where you will also find more information on the recently published Marcel Duchamp and the Forestay Waterfall (ed. Stefan Banz, pub. JRP-Ringier 2010), which includes essays from Adeena Mey and many others. The Forestay Waterfall, located in Chexbres on Lake Geneva, was the the starting point and ultimately the landscape of Duchamp's famous work, Étant donnés: 1. la chute d’eau, 2. le gaz d’éclairage (1946-66).


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