7 November 2010

Quote of the day, yay!

"Today, with culture having become one of the most prestigious forms of consumption, many, especially Russian, contemporary artists are going to extremes. Some see themselves in the manipulative role of a human office or enterprise for the production of art. Some, on the contrary, assess their artistic activity in the system of contemporary art as "precarious" and exploited immaterial labor. This is unequivocally the case. The creative industries exploit enthusiasm, desires, ideas, and feelings while simultaneously teaching that they should be expediently "packaged" as artistic services. These processes must be made self-conscious. However, we should also not forget that there does exist an area of the non-exploited and non-commodified. And this is not the field of "non-commercial" or public art (which often fails to distinguish art from social activism), nor that of the distribution of knowledge and information in society. Rather, this area is created from the presumed potential of the general without a segregation between material and immaterial labor—without an anthropological division of people into two races of producers."

- Keti Chukhrov, Towards the Space of the General: On Labor beyond Materiality and Immateriality, e-flux journal #20


Blogger David Curtis-Ring said...

Here here! Important words!

23 November, 2010 00:53  

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