25 November 2010

Peaches Does Herself

Well, Peaches did herself. (But, word on the street, she'll do it again!)

I was lucky enough to see Peaches' latest show, Peaches Does Herself, at Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin a few weeks ago. It was great!

The show is somewhere between a concert and a play so I guess it's a sort of Peaches opera, which is reinforced by the fact it was held in the old tiered theatre of HAU 1.

The set was designed by the amazing Alun Davies and let's just say that, aesthetically, Alun Davies and Peaches belong together. Alun's first project with Peaches was designing her amazing hairy pink wheelchair after she broke her foot at a concert recently and subsequently he was given the task of creating the whole stage-set for Peaches Does Herself.

Alun injected just the right amount of tacky-but-terrific scenography into Peaches tacky-but-terrific music and dance, resulting in one massive orgy of colour, texture, dildos, tits, hair, and peach!

You can check out Alun's blog (with more pics) at alun-davies-rogue.blogspot.com


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