8 December 2010


Sydney-based artist Mary MacDougall contributed two works to parataxis, a glass painting exhibited with tiles on a shelf and series of photographs (taken through glass) that were projected on a loop (through glass).

Mary describes herself as a painter but, in addition to canvas and oils, she works with less usual materials such as glass, tile and chalk. Her practice also incorporates photography, sculpture, certain kinds of installation, writing, music, publication and the Internet. Mary has an impeccable book collection and runs an awesome blog called Picture Mound, for which she selects photographs from the Guardian website and reassembles them to create unexpected connections between images, cultures and events.

Mary recently had a solo show at db, an artist-run space in Sydney, and will next be exhibited in a group show in Melbourne titled The Zero Dollar Show, which opens in January and will also include works from Bababa International, Charlie Sofo and Zanny Begg, among others.

I was super happy that Mary agreed to be involved with parataxis. I find that her subtle gestures abstract materials and images in a way that is not gratuitous but rather curious and generous. The results are works that give to a space and the people occupying it, more than imposing themselves or demanding reactions.


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