27 January 2011

ra in Paris

ra is a one year old fashion concept store/kitchen/gallery/venue, a space where design, photography, installation, music and performance meet, and where fashion becomes more than the promotion of ‘trends’ and begins to question the way we dress and offer alternative ways of perceiving image. The store is based in Antwerp and deals with young and emerging designers and artists from all over the world.

ra’s contribution to Paris’ Fall-Winter 2011-12 menswear Fashion Week was a showroom of sixteen contributors, each creatively installed or presented to bear a meaning and not just passively display. The event opened on the 21st and ran through the 24th of this month. A massive crowd attended the opening event at the rue de la Corderie location to see wonderful designs, experience performance by Nicola Testa, Tony Hornecker & Romain Brau, and drink a whole lot of absinthe!

Some of my favourites include Kevin Kramp’s androgynous and oversized wool pieces (above), Telfar’s simple yet innovative cotton and jersey basics (below), the hand-woven leather pieces of Daniel Andresen and the large-scale tableau-like images of Frederik Heyman (bottom).

ra continues to work with some of the most exciting emerging designers in the world, has regularly changing installations in their Antwerp space, experimental showrooms during Paris fashion weeks, and performative events around Europe. Keep your eye on ra, this is fashion starting to move again.


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