8 February 2011

Quote of the day, yay!

"The idea that we can or should plan every single possibility of our lives in advance is a very contemporary but perhaps also reactionary idea. It’s just impossible. No one can know how one would react to the next insurrection, whether one will be the protagonist or the enemy of those who are rebelling. Those who pretend to be able to do so are prisoners of an ideology. We have no regrets right now, but of course the situation can and should be transformed. In fact, revolutionary moments are times when priorities automatically change. Then you never have to ask yourself, Do I go there or not? What will happen to me if I do this? You just can’t help being where you have to be; nothing can stop people from taking the side that has to be theirs. There is no hesitation in decisive moments, and if there is, this is already a political position."

-Artist Claire Fontaine in conversation with Anthony Huberman for BOMB magazine, Fall 2008


Blogger David Curtis-Ring said...

'There is no hesitation in decisive moments'
yes! wise words. x

09 February, 2011 00:20  

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