25 April 2011


My first 3D movie experience occurred on Friday night, when I saw Wim Wenders' latest film Pina at the Barbican in London. The film is a tribute to German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch (1940-2009) and makes for a stunning portrait both of Bausch's oeuvre and the woman herself.

The film depicts numerous of Pina's works, solo and group, which are shown performed on stage, in public spaces and in natural settings by her company. There are also portrait-like segments of each of the dancers, who speak about their feelings about Pina, about dance, about her work, about life in general. In addition there is archival footage of Bausch working in the studio and of her performing in one of the most renowned works, Café Müller.

In true Wenders style, the music is brilliant, the colours are divine and the composition generous and emotive. The settings are breathtaking, almost other-worldly, and the 3D effects contribute to this feeling of really entering into some other, ethereal, atemporal, beautiful, fragile, powerful, universe. The passion is so present, and the love.


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