24 May 2011

How To Sleep Faster launch

Arcadia Missa is a new studio space and gallery in South East London, whose project aims 'to experiment with, and present questions to, the socio-political role of visual culture', whilst creating 'a space that reflects and gives definition to our experience of contemporary culture'.

I like the fact that Arcadia Missa are overt about the socio-political nature of their project - I think any interesting (art) work needs to be functioning with these questions in mind. Why are we creating a space? What does it mean to be an artworker in this society? How is what we are doing pertinent?

It seems that Arcadia Missa are aware of these essential considerations. Their self-published periodical, How To Sleep Faster, addresses and moves beyond the first two Arcadia Missa exhibitions, Sleep Faster and How To Carve Totem Poles, by involving new contributors who 'discuss and expand on ideas we set out with when opening the gallery'. The momentum of the publication is outward-reaching, pushing the exhibition-projects further rather than finalising them with retrospection. This is a space where questions and ideas can take on 'a new course'.

How To Sleep Faster is launching on Thursday night (26 May) at the gallery's Bellenden Road space. Thursday is also the opening of the performance and exhibition project from art collective Your Body is a Temple, who will present a set of 'semi-interactive software sculptures' and give a performance on Friday 27 May from 18:00 to 22:30.

The first Arcadia Missa periodical features contributions from Katrina Sluis, John Hill, Wojciech Kosma, Raphael Julliard, Alex Sprogis, Supralimen, Russell Hill, Asta Meldal Lynge, Jon Crook, Luke Hart, ARR Materials, Matty Mastrandrea and Rózsa Farkas. For the duration of the launch and the Your Body is a Temple V exhibition (26 – 29 May), How To Sleep Faster will be available at a discounted price.

Check it out!


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