2 August 2011

Quote of the day, yay!

'In the practice of institutional psychotherapy, it is well known that the most zoned-out schizophrenic can suddenly dredge up the most incredible stories about your private life, things you would never have believed anyone knew, and then will proceed to articulate, in the crudest manner possible, truths you thought were secret. It's no mystery. The schizophrenic has instant access to such insight, because he is directly flayed, so to speak, on the hooks that constitute the group in its subjective unity. He finds himself in a "clairvoyant" situation with respect to those individuals who, crystallized in their logic, in their syntax, in their own interests, are absolutely blind.'

- FĂ©lix Guattari, in an interview with Vittorio Marchetti for Tempi Moderni, no. 12 (1972)


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