29 August 2011

Park La Crib

Hej København !

Park La Crib is a group exhibition of art students from both London and Copenhagen, organised by the students themselves.

The site of the exposition is in an amazing old parking lot, to which the artists have been given access for the period. You will find it at the following address:

Palæ Garragen, top floor
Dronningens Tværgade 4
1302 Copenhagen, Denmark

The private view is this Thursday 1 September from 17:00 to 22:00 after which the exhibition will be open everyday from 10:00 to 17:00 through Monday 5 September 2011.

You can see some images from artists involved by visiting copenhagen11.tumblr.com.

The artists involved include Morten Akhøj, Moa Alskog, Magnus Andersen, Ann-Sophie von Bülow, Isabel Denny, Joel Furness, Veronica Julie Geiger, Magarita Krag, Rebecca Krasnik, Asta Meldal Lynge, Jakob Ohrt Nielsen, Christine Overvad, Jack Park, Anna Klara Paterson, Silje Pettersen, Julie Riis, Viktoria Wendel Skousen, Cecilie Skov, Amalie Smith, Claus Spangberg, Stoffer, Maja Theodoraki, Esme Toler, Tinne Zenner & Anna Ørberg.

Check it out!


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