6 July 2009

Samuel Hodge, photographer

Sometimes I just need quiet is the blog of photographer Samuel Hodge.

A few months ago I saw his work in an exhibition at Chalk Horse gallery titled 'Pretty Telling I Suppose'. I was immediately taken by the dark shadows I saw in the work, which suggested so much and confirmed nothing; I loved the feeling of intimacy conjured, and the fact it was so successfully juxtaposed with anonymity.

I loved the contrast between Hodge's inward-looking bedroom shots - all shadow, sheets and skin - and the luscious greens and yellows of a (outward-looking) pond covered in autumn leaves, a lone red wine bottle floating amongst the foliage.
It wasn't until very recently, however, that I came across Sometimes I just need quiet and realised that the tension between pensive interiors and wryly humorous exteriors is apparent in most of Hodge's work. It is this which I find so appealing about his photographs. The tension, balanced as it is, bears a realness, an undeniable beauty and, foremost, an honesty about the way we live.Rainoff books have this year published Pretty Telling I Suppose, a beautiful Steidl-esque book of some of Hodge's most compelling work of the past nine years. (All photographs copyright Samuel Hodge.)


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