9 April 2007


"The Original Muscles Photo"

Muscles is from Melbourne and is a solo, independent, "Gospel/Techno/Hip Hop" artist.

After hearing his awesome song "Ice Cream" on the Triple J radio station (best) I began to be intrigued by his VERY clever mix of pop, hip hop, techno, electronica, rock, and synth (as well as LOADS of other useless words which we attempt to define music by). So yeah, it's too hard to explain, you just gotta hear this guy. He makes you wanna boogy! Plus, he does it all himself which is radical.


I saw him live by chance at the Curvy 4 launch after-party at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills. I was not in the mood for dancing but when Muscles came on I just couldn't help but shake my thing! 'Twas fun.

The Curvy 4 after-party!

Some of Muscles' influences include: S Club 7 (man, I loved those seven crazy kids back in their (and my) hey-day!), Regurgitator, Gerling, Moldy Peaches, Robbie Williams (another fave of mine back in the C20th), The Wiggles (clearly the best and only worthwhile kids band on the planet), Moby, Vengaboys (aah, so much classic 90's!), Basement Jaxx, The Streets, Gorillaz, Ween, Ricky Martin and (my all-time favourite of his influences) Aqua!

Muscles is only in Australia for another few days before heading on a tour of the U.S. of A. during April. He's playing, like, everywhere! I.e. Philly, NYC, DC, Chicaaaaaaargo, See-attle, San Fran.

"Emerging from the underground, yo"

Anyway, he's definitely worth checkin' out on the ol' space. His is: www.myspace.com/musclesmusic

He also has a website: www.musclesmusic.com



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