19 March 2007

Maison Martin Margiela A/H 07

After an amazing S/S 07 collection, Margiela has provided us with an equally astounding winter offering. I just wanted to post some of my favourite looks from this 80's-channelling collection.

The primary colours are black and white but the hints of fluro yellow and pink as well as glitter add excitement to this collection. The striking and highly structured shoulder-lines and the densly elaborate jackets and coats mean this collection is full of volume and a certain rock 'n' roll vibe.

It's all very edgy and new but the intricate cuts and the rigid forms allow us to immediately recognise this as distinctly MMM.

Great stuff.

Alexia - these shoulders are the principle motif of this collection, combining both 80's and 40's ideas to create a striking, and surprisingly flattering, aesthetic form. The fluro head-phones add a fun touch.
Mim - timeless black made interesting by cut and texture. I'm also adoring the flesh-coloured tights on the arms (which reminds me of the s/s 07 flesh-tones and adds fabulous subtle detail to the look).
Margaret - the contrast between the exaggerated shoulders and the short dress creates a really interesting contrast here, making this outfit one of the outstanding ones. So simple, so intriguing.
Miriam - an example of the volume utilised in this collection, this fur cape/collar/bolero is offset perfectly by the simple sleek white basics worn underneath.
Jenny - this shows a similar volume but uses glitter instead of fluro fur to create contrast. The slouchy cotton dress and slick leather leggings give this ensemble a rocky edge and a tough sentiment and, of course, the shoulder-motif is maintained.
Jessica - combining 80's tassels, fluro and shoulders, this one is a blast from the past. I love the shape of the dress and the use of the flesh tights. Most importantly, this look fits perfectly in the collection, despite not having any black.

An extremely tight collection which has successfully portrayed a strong, and direct, message. Very rad.

(Pictures from style.com)


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love this collection!

24 March, 2007 19:25  

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