12 March 2007

Nina Ricci A/H 07/08

I just loved Olivier Theyskens' first offering for Nina Ricci. From the feathery hair down to the ballerina-stockings, it was all simply lovely.

I adored the monotone colouring which featured prominently in this collection and provided a great sense of continuity, something prerequisite for any great collection. However Theyskens prevents us from becoming bored with the continuous greys, whites, blacks and browns by throwing in some bright, sunny yellow at the end to brighten our spirits and remind us that winter isn't all about darkness and cold!

There is a soft, delicate beauty to this collection and this idea is heavily inherent to all Theyskens designs for Ricci - they remind us of a time that, despite being grey, is beyond beautiful. I love it and all the romance it is reminiscent of!

Bravo, Olivier Theyskens! A truly wonderful debut collection for an equally wonderful maison.

Irina - this awe-inspiring number reminds me of a swan: strong and powerul, yet graceful and beautiful. Divine.
Kim - a perfect example of the sunny yellow which brings a smile to my face. This creation is elegant and well-tailored. The yellow gives it edge, indeed. And the fabric and cut is astoundingly fabulous!
Catherine - very rocky. I love this in that it appears so tough but there is still that inherent beauty to it. The fabrics appear soft and the feather scarf adds a feminine touch. The diagonal zipper is a motif in this collection and looks tops styled in this way. I'm also loving the sheer shirt which, again, helps maintain that delicacy.
Anabela - another example of that fabulous zipper. And I love the glittery singlet peeking out underneath. This is a wonderful example of a versatile dress and combines rock and femininity perfectly.
Snejana - another example of the glittery motif and a fine example of an otherwise subdued ensemble being livened up in a fun and subtle way. It's charming.
Elsa - Theyskens' take on the ever-popular bubble-dress. It's not a bad attempt. Lovely fabric, pockets and neckline and I love the long shirt underneath it.
Uliana - black, white, zipper and 'tude. This is an outfit which simultaneously reminds me of the 60's, 80's, 90's and 00's. I love the oversized top and also that lovely shape that the skinny jeans give the frame: skinny legs beneath a billowing top - so cool.
Masha - this skirt-suit is amazing! I love that fabric (is it faux-leather or real?) Who knows, but it's so cool! The skirt-length is perfect and I love that these items would work so well separately or together. The chain clasp on the jacket adds a special touch which gives this ensemble a feeling somewhere between posh gentleman and punky teen. I like it!
Kasia - did someone say layering? This is ultimate. I had to post. So much grey, so much layering, so much radness. The head piece sends this one off the hook!!
Suvi - I love the cut of this jacket and the seemingly double-layered zips. I don't know how it works, but it works for me. Teamed with these casually-cool jeans and soft white top, this one's as ready to wear as an AA tee! Woot.
Tatiana - I love this little slip dress! It has such a soft look to it and I think it's fab that the diagonal zip-like cut is a feature of it. A great example of the soft but funky vibe to this collection.

So, what do YOU think? You like? You don't? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

(Pictures from style.com)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this collection its amazing

25 March, 2007 15:48  

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