26 February 2007

Emilio Pucci A/H 07

FINALLY! Someone's had the guts to do COLOUR!

WOO HOO! I'm stoked! This collection makes me smile just 'cause it's so BRIGHT! How can one NOT love it!?

The stockings used are fantastic and I love that some don't quite match the fabric of the garment. The shoes are amazing and the hair and make-up is sleek but doesn't try too hard.

I'm getting a massive late 60's early 70's vibe here! Pucci isn't beating around the bush! Rad!

The fun prints, loud colours and bold textural combinations make this collection one of the most unique this season, here are some of my favourite looks:

Catherine - fur is featured heavily in this collection and the coloured fur shown here takes that motif even further, combining colour and fur to create a fun extravagence reminiscent of Anna Piaggi.
Magdalena - this collection is predominantly coloured but there's a few shades of darkness present. This stunning black number is highlighted by the great chunks of gold and golden cuffs on this 60's-style dress - INCREDIBLY cool!
Lara - I love that in this collection it is the blacks that look out-of-place. Of late it's been the other way around - the colours looking odd. This is the only all-black in the whole collection - it's pretty amazing.
Kim - this fabric almost looks like leather and I'm loving the maroon tights and bag. The geometricity of it and the sleeves are also very rad. This is such a wearable dress and it's got a fascinating neck-line - I love it!
Won - wool is wonderful! Coloured qool is wonderful, too! The great thing about this piece is it can be worn as a dress or ... as a jumper! It's so versatile and so fun! Great styling with the mustard tights! I love it!
Bette - those sleeves are grand and I love the colour-combo in this geometric pattern! There's a real 60's/70's swinging vibe to this and the detail on the neck and wrists adds extra interest.
Kasia - bright! I love the purple sleeves and the fact that the stockings don't quite match. This is a sleeker version of that 70's classic. I'm digging the long-sleeve motif of this collection big-time!
Suvi - this is my favourite! The sleeve length of this is really unusual and the pattern is fun but also kind of classy. The neck-line is to die for!

What d'ya reckon, folks?

(Pics: style.com)


Blogger Rachel said...

I am loving this collection to death, nice to see Catherine looking amazing in the show as well :)

28 February, 2007 23:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, these colors are amazing....nice choice. xo. jbl .

01 March, 2007 02:46  

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