1 March 2007

Balenciaga A/H 07

J'adore Balenciaga! C'est ma favourit! Haha!

I heart Balenciaga.

Man, I LOVE this collection, and I might be a little biased to Balenciaga par NG but this is just awesome.
The colours! The shoes! The fabrics! The clashes-that-don't-clash! It's a dream.
I love the stripes, scarves, flowing fabrics and lego-esque shoes!

The themes I've drawn from this collection:
*Scarves of all fabrics
*Clashing fabrics/patterns
*Robots still present (see shoes)
*Hippy (see tie-die and eye make-up)
*Stockings (are still in! Hahah!)

Sheila - this dress' fabric has such a fascinating cut and I love that the straps are striped. Those thick straps make this dress so much more appealing to me 'cause it means this dress would be super comfy!
Kasia - the texture of this is stunning and the way it's been cut looks so technical. I love that it's got a very Balenciaga-esque look but it doen't have that Balenciaga rigidity which has been so apparent in collections of late.
Julia S. - what is this? Sporty? Hippy? I love it! So sleek but so confusing. The top and pants are both structured and restraining but their fabrics make them fun!
Lily - another flowy dress that looks super comfy! Again, I'm loving the stripes and I think this one would be very versatile. I love the pockets, too! AMAZING!
Bette - this is outrageous but that's why I love it! The clashing colours, massive fluro fur collar and bold patchy dress are fabulous together. Interestingly, the cardigan is quite conservative, but teamed with that dress ... WHOA! I love it!
Jeisa - I love this jacket and scarf combo. Scarves are quite a motif in this collection and I love the red colour of this. The skirt is super pretty and contrasts with the toughish jacket. Contrast = king.
Catherine - one of my faves. These jodhpurs are to die for! The cut is divine! I'm loving the military channeling of this look and that super-high collar and the little scarf, teamed with that harlequin-print. It shouldn't work, but it SOOOOO works!!!
Magdalena - another example of the divine jodhpurs, but in a more practical colour. This jacket is so stiff and tight and the scarf and shirt keep that stripe-theme going. This is such a fun outfit. I love that it's so casual compared to many Balenciaga pieces, but that beautiful rigid jacket is still there - a Balenciaga staple.
Gemma (is back!!!) - I adore this top/jumper. And what I love most about this outfit is the scarf subtly tucked beneath the turtle-neck. Thematic.
Julia D. - the heavy mixture of ideas here is intriguing. The clashing patterns and colours, on second glance, actually work really well together and I love that scarf ... it's very Freja-esque! This is a very cool number.
Suvi - couldn't not post that collar! It's fabulous! So extravagent! It's a real military vibe I'm getting here (again) and I love those lego-style shoes! So cool.
So do you love it as much as me? Tell me your thoughts!

(Pics: style.com)


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