14 November 2011

parataxis iii

parataxis iii is happening Wednesday 16 November at The Hair Cut Before The Party at 26-28 Toynbee Street, London E1 7NE.

This will be the third edition of an ongoing project I have been organising that has so far taken place at Serial Space, Sydney (2009) and MKII, London (2010). parataxis tries to explore the possibilities of an event where the need to pre-claim thematics and connections between works is suspended in favour of acknowledging the connections that may emerge through the common 'dis-measure' of creation.

This time we are being hosted by The Hair Cut Before The Party, whose project I have been interested in since receiving a free haircut from them back in March and subsequently becoming more involved. Considering THCBTP's aims, parataxis iii will be functioning in a more discursive/conversive mode, with a series of presentations, spoken interventions, soundscapes, images and printed texts from trance-national thinkers/artists/writers/performers, etc.

These include:

Alex Gawronski
Anastasia Freygang
Ashley Wong
Doublethink Project
Eleanor Weaver
Marian Tubbs
Noah Brehmer
Owen Parry
Richard Houguez
Wrong Solo & Lucas Liccini

We hope you also will have something to say/read.


[P.S. For info on past versions, click: parataxis i & parataxis ii.]


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