6 November 2009

RIGHT NOW fourteen

Alun Davies contributed the final piece to RIGHT NOW.

Alun is an art director and set designer based in London. He works for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, SHOWstudio, Plastique, Metal, Vanity Fair, Adidas and Diesel as well as doing beautiful graphic design, elusive event management and his own art installations for private and large-scale events alike. Alun's work pushes the boundaries of set and prop conception and is always meticulously crafted and executed. The word that constantly comes to mind is 'refined', and it really does sum up Mr. Davies' work (and the man himself, for that matter).

'Refined' is also a term applicable to this beautiful addition to RIGHT NOW. These were analogue photographs of some flowers Alun had used for one of his props. The detail in the photographs is incredible, revealing the intricacies of the rose petals, which are almost transparent. The two photographs were digitised and laid-out by Alun and then printed and photocopied by me. The result seems to be somehow - like Lewis Cloke himself and indeed this entire project - very elusive. Present, yet transient ... Here and there ... Something and nothing ... RIGHT NOW.


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