22 March 2019

Posts Paris Ass x Paris Ass Book Fair 2018

I was invited by Berlin-based curator Joel Mu to participate in his project space M.I/mi1glissé's contribution to the 2018 edition of the Paris Ass Book Fair, which ran 16-18 March 2018 at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Mu's stand held publications, zines, editions from the following artists:

Tommy Camerno
Eleanor Ivory Weber
Sarah M Harrison
Sarah Montet
Felix Maritaud
Christophe de Rohan Chabot
Cédric Rivrain & Rodrigue Fondeviolle
Fatma Wicca
Andres Komatsu
Garrett Nelson
Ella CB
Alex Chalmers
Adam Fearon
Waldo Pardon
Misa Harz & Marc Elsner
Navot Miller
Henning Schlüter
Julian-Jakob Kneer
Maren Karlson
Anna Solal

For the book fair, I produced a limited edition A4 zine Minus 4 vox, or: without four wordsmiths (2018), which comprised prints of the text works Disnccrnring thr strnight mind: ‘this mny or dnngrrous’ and List of good words, as well as a full-colour poster cover in collaboration with artist Camilla Wills.

Many thanks to Joel Mu and Camilla Wills.


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