27 January 2018

Dissect Journal #3 artist pages

I contributed some artist pages to the third issue of the Narrm (Melbourne)-based journal Dissect, which was launched way back on 6 April 2017 at Gertrude Contemporary.

This 300-page special issue was edited by Audrey Schmidt, Chloe Sugden and Zoe Theodore and designed by Clare Wohlnick. It focuses on subjectivity and the body as a site of production. Contributors include:

Philip Auslander, Dodie Bellamy, Eva Birch, Body by Body, Katherine Botten, Cristine Brache, Ramsay Burt, Travis Chamberlain, Amy Charlesworth, Hana Earles, James Ferraro, Karen Finley, Andrea Fraser, Tim Gentles, Isabelle Graw, Amelia Groom, Aurelia Guo, Callan Bradley Hales, K8 Hardy, Anastasia Klose, Chris Kraus, Natasha Madden, Quintessa Matranga, Monica’s Gallery, Ruth O’Leary, Tanja Ostojić, Carol Que, Rare Candy, Ander Rennick, Phebe Schmidt, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Katie West, Amelia Winata, Jarrod Zlatic.

I finally got my hands on some copies and looking good!

Leading up to the journal launch, Audrey Schmidt curated the exhibition Tell Me What You Have and I Will Know What You Are in an Airbnb, occurring across the same dates as the 2016 Spring 1883 contemporary art fair. I contributed a text piece to this group show, documentation of which can be found here.

For more info on Dissect and to purchase a copy, visit their shop!


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