27 August 2018

Aftertaste @ Établissement d'en face

I was invited by Margaux Schwarz to participate in the 24-hour overnight event Aftertaste, held from 6pm to 6pm at Établissement d'en face, Brussels, 16-17 February 2018.

Aftertaste featured work by Samuel Fouracre, Brendan Michal Heshka, Eleanor Ivory Weber, neither, Lorde Selys, Elise van Mourik.

For Aftertaste, I presented three new Sub Text Labours across the 24 hours:

1. Smog I: Welcome speech for the guard (2018-), a midnight solo reading of Peter Sloterdijk's Terror From the Air (2009, 112 pages, The MIT Press) in its entirety, with microphone, approximately 3'45", one toilet break.

2. Smog II: The Guard (2018), a work of performative naming in view of the necessity to guard the establishment in the wee hours, and to make a living; black smog mask worn by guard, approximately 5'00", including breaks where necessary; invited by Margaux Schwarz, performed by Elena Betros López.

3. Smog III: Glossolalien Missive (2018-), scored listening exercise for four-voice text composition (words of Anne Carson, Michel de Certeau, Amy Ireland, Cornelia Vismann), paper scrolls, anti-pollution masks, artichoke stamp, approximately 40"; performed by Camille Gérenton, Karl Lydahl, Eleanor Weber, Camilla Wills.

Many, many thanks to Margaux for her support, to all the performers, and to Henry Andersen, Lendl Barcelos and Eunkyung Jeong. Thanks especially to Alex Chalmers for reading-listening the whole of Smog I with me.

Images: Elena Betros López, Pia Louwerens, Margaux Schwarz, myself.

Excerpt of Smog III: Glossolalien Missive (2018-) visible here:


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