22 March 2019

Livres Parlés 2018 @ Erg, Brussels

I was invited by typographer Ludi Loiseau to participate in the annual "Livres Parlés" (Spoken Books/Books Speaking) event at Erg (école de recherche graphique) in Brussels, Belgium.

The event presents the yearly "most beautiful Swiss books" and a selection of recent titles in comics. Loiseau writes: “The principle is: teachers and external speakers are invited through a book to introduce it to the public. This moment opens the publications to a space-time of exchange looking for other views on the book object and trying to reconnect it with the practice.”

On 8 March 2018, I presented US artist Shannon Ebner's A Public Character (Roma Publications). The book was published following Ebner's eponymous exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, USA, and very broadly speaking deals with the recurrence of the letter "A" in public space.

To present this book's textual and photographic nature, as well as to reflect on Ebner's work, I read out loud, from cover forwards, every photographed letter “A” and every word in the written texts that contains that letter, sequentially. I timed myself and stopped when the timer announced 20’00”, which was the suggested duration of each speaker's contribution.

Many thanks to Ludi Loiseau, Marie-Christophe Lambert, Frédéric Dupont and Marnie Slater.


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