28 September 2012

Help Mute!

The brilliant Mute Magazine have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money they urgently need to continue paying their wonderful writers, without whose work Mute could not go on. Or at least not in the capacity it has been functioning to date, namely as a rare space of really critical, confrontational, alternative ideas, text and politics. With this in mind, it is vital people take a stance on the payment of fees - for writers and all cultural workers. Watch the video:

What is Mute planning? [from MetaMute.org]
With this additional funding, we intend to develop and refine key areas of analysis and coverage which help to stir up complacent thinking around politics, technology, labour, the city, art, music and everything in between. This coverage will continue to target:

- The materiality of production which underlies our ‘immaterial times’ and the fantasy of ‘living on thin air’
- The production of culture within the cramped spaces of standardised technologies, neoliberalised institutions, post-modernism’s exhaustion of forms and austere times
- The depth of capitalism’s crisis which no amount of Euro bailouts nor ‘march of the makers’ will fix
- The impasse of organisation and revolution after the demise of the workers’ movement and within ‘decentralised’ and globalised networks
- The enclosure and repurposing of the commons - from the human body to the World Wide Web to the National Health Service to the Lammas Lands of East London
- The ‘creative economy’ and its cannibalisation of resistant forms, such as participation, history from below, dematerialisation and self-organisation
- The correlation and discontinuity between new dynamics in capitalism and aesthetic practices

Click here for more information and to donate: http://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/mute-magazine-crowdfunding-campaign


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