11 February 2015

"Woman, which includes man, of course": Notes on Andrea Fraser's 'Men on the Line'

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution's Performance Days, curated by Tanja Baudoin, Frédérique Bergholtz and Vivian Ziherl, ran from 27 November through 3 December 2014 across various venues in the Netherlands. This seven-day festival dedicated to performance 'comprised all the productions that were developed as part of If I Can't Dance's Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013-2014), alongside contributions by other artists and speakers.'

I was invited to write a text on Andrea Fraser's Men on the Line, performed Wednesday 2 December 2014 at De Balie, Amsterdam, and co-presented with Casco.

“Woman, which includes man, of course”: Notes on Andrea Fraser’s Men on the Line: Men Committed to Feminism, KPFK,
1972, 2014, Amsterdam
is published as part of In Rear View, a series of documents that reflect on the Performance Days through visitor accounts by a range of writers, photographs by Kyle Tryhorn and interviews by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler with participants.

You can read and download my account here: https://www.academia.edu/10688558/_Woman_which_includes_man_of_course_Notes_on_Andrea_Fraser_s_Men_on_the_Line_Men_Committed_to_Feminism_KPFK_1972_-_If_I_Cant_Dance_Performance_Days_Amsterdam_2014

Many thanks to Tanja, Frédérique, and Susan Gibb.


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