21 January 2015

runway #25 [MONEY] guest blogger

Back in 2010 I contributed an in-conversation with artist Brian Fuata to Sydney-based Australian magazine runway, which can be read here: http://raddestrightnow.blogspot.fr/2010/07/runway-issue-16-disappearance.html.

Since then, as of Issue #23 in December 2013, runway is no longer in print but nonetheless has survived in digital form!

I was invited by curator and editor Macushla Robinson to be the guest blogger for Issue #25 [MONEY], launched in August 2014, to which I contributed a series of posts broadly dedicated to the theme, which played out in eight parts.

Part I: Lazzarato's 'Indebted Man'
Using Lazzarato's book as a touchstone, this first post discusses the ideological use of indebtedness in the creation of late-capitalist subjectivity. A lens for viewing the blog series.

Part II: Eyes on the prize

A critique of competition in art.

Part III: What is this thing called 'work'?
A discussion of Silvia Federici's theories in relation to the feminisation of labour and how it relates to post-Fordist 'creative' (under- or unpaid) work.

Part IV: Some smiles for the Economic Frown
A semi-fictional narrative of some Australians in Brussels, a lot of beer and a poetry reading by Matthew P. Hopkins!

Part V: A page on W.A.G.E. (valued at approx. $93.75)
A brief discussion of the project of US activist group W.A.G.E. and the false-dialectic of 'not-for-' and 'for-' profit.

Part VI: Notes on Society, with Susan Gibb
An interview with Australian curator and writer, Susan Gibb.

A brief reflection on one booth at FIAC, Paris 2014.

Part VIII: One for the Money
Jeanette Winterson has final word.

Thanks a lot to Macushla for the invitation! Long live independent publishing!


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