12 January 2015

11th Hour publication

11th Hour is a collaboration in book form by London-based artists Anastasia Freygang and Jonathan Hallam. Published in 2014 by 11th Hour Publications, printed and open-spine bound by Lecturis in Eindhoven (NL), the A4 softcover book comprises 80 pages: photographs by Hallam, printed full-bleed, and poetry by Freygang interspersed on white pages throughout, printed in her typical all lower-case Garamond.

The description of the book goes:

'... the imagery revolves around the emotion of grief, hope for resurrection and paths towards it

atunement commences in the mind, translates into the physical - the metaphors in this series evoke states of connection to the elements

our immediate surroundings in this city are shown here, these places are ours

rooftops in whitechapel above feelings and blue rooms in limehouse at anatum's abode - years were spent being together on these platforms

moving times that lead to unfoldment, apprehension and focus on the now'

This beautiful book was launched in Paris on 15 November 2014 during Paris Photo, presented by A Magazine Curated By at PLAN 8, with an exhibition of photographs that ran through 20 November 2014 (event).

Invited by Dan Thawley of A Magazine, the exhibition included some of Hallam's early portrait works and shots taken backstage at Margiela shows in Paris in the late 1990s/early 2000s, including both recent prints and original plates, as well as large posters of some of the photographs in 11th Hour, which feature Freygang.

Freygang invited myself and Anne-Laure Keib to read some of our work live during the opening, and she herself also performed a text alongside a screening of a collaborative video made with Hallam. The text I read was a sort of abstract love letter, created by chronologically collaging together parts of a long-term email exchange between myself and a lover, into one, single-voiced text. While reading I was accompanied by a mix I made the day of the launch titled 'Love letter', which you can listen to here: https://soundcloud.com/cicatrise/letter-by-street-ivory-for-11th-hour.

The Berlin launch of 11th Hour is occurring during Fashion Week, next Monday 19 January 2015 at Projekt Galerie from 19:00 to 23:00. This launch will include a performance by Hallam and Freygang including live poetry and piano as well as a screening of their film, plus works by Berlin-based artists Thoas Lindner and Liina Nilsson (event).

For those not in Paris or Berlin, so far the book can be purchased at Foam, Amsterdam, Whitechapel Gallery and The Photographers' Gallery, both London. ISBN: 978-0-9929868-0-3. To order, or for more information, you can email: 11th.hour.publication@gmail.com. Each photograph within the publication is available for purchase as a poster via Hallam's website.

in such moments the past rattles like a soundtrack in our mind reminding us of our lives and of the ones that we have lost and the ones we will never see again. (AF)


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