8 November 2014

One of 'the best group shows of 2013', says O Fluxo!

I didn't mention it at the time, probably because I was slightly embarrassed, but last year a show I curated called Hyper Spectral Display (.hsd) was selected by O Fluxo as one of their 'best group shows of 2013'!

As arbitrary as they are, it's still fun to win a prize! (By the way, for some recent thoughts on prizes, click here.)

And we were in good company, which you can see via the snazzy pics and links here: http://www.ofluxo.net/the-best-group-shows-of-2013

For more info on Hyper Spectral Display (.hsd), see the Tumblr, SoundCloud, edited catalogue titled .hsdpdf, or blog post.

Thank you to Nuno PatrĂ­cio.


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