31 January 2015

How To Sleep Faster #5

I have a strange essay titled 'NOT!: becoming fanatically NEET' about language under capitalism, investors and NEETs, and Tiziana Terranova's theory of 'ordinary psychopathologies' on pp. 126-33 of the fifth issue of How To Sleep Faster (Winter 2014), published by Arcadia Missa.

Edited by Tom Clark, Rózsa Farkas (Arcadia Missa), Holly Childs, and Leila Kozma, the issue asks:

#HTSF5 #nofuture
What are our politics of refusal? Sleep? Catatonia? Hedonism? Transgression even? #hustle?
[Can refusal can be performed as resistance and not operate as preemptively fucked. . .]

Contributors are:
@GAYBAR, Abri de Swardt, Anna Zett, Ann Hirsch, Anne La Plantine, Aurelia Guo, Beatrice Schultz, Campbell, Dénes Krusovszky, Eleanor I Weber, Elvia Wilk, Holly Childs, Holly White, Imran Perretta, Jala Wahid, Jesse Darling, Katherine Botten, Lauren Hidden, Marcell Szabó, Michael Runyan, Sarah M Harrison, Sophie Collins, Steph Kretowicz

You can ORDER the 162 page issue for £12 + postage here: http://arcadiamissa.tictail.com/product/how-to-sleep-faster-issue-5 (or find in good bookstores: ISSN 2052-3769).


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