18 November 2013

Tiny Stadiums 2013

Tiny Stadiums opened in Erskineville, Sydney, on Wednesday 13 November and runs through Saturday 23 November 2013. The festival is produced by PACT centre for emerging artists and this year curators Groundwork have commissioned artists to respond to some of inner-city suburb of Erskineville's idiosyncratic spots, resulting in a program of live art, workshops, panels and performances.

Tiny Stadiums brings together a 'unique blend of interdisciplinary emerging artists and performers transforming thoughts and values of familiar public and pedestrian spaces in the inner-city to push artistic creation. Newly commissioned works will be realised over rooftops, gardens, the Town Hall, shop fronts and also through barter and trade.'

Artists involved include: Albert Tucker Slow Coffee, Bennett Miller, Ella Barclay, Hossein Ghaemi, Imogen Semmler, Jennifer Hamilton & Craig Johnson, Kailana Sommer, Kenzie Larsen, Leahlani Johnson, Lucas Ihlein, Natalie Abbott, Nick Coyle, Wade Made, zin, and more.

I attended Kailana Sommer's 'Rock Swap' on Saturday, where she has set up a barter system for precious stones and minerals. It's about swapping something special for something else special (a rock!), how we arrive at an agreement, what is significant about the objects swapped and how they align and can tell stories of themselves and each other. It's also a really beautiful installation to look at, and is located in the Erskineville Town Hall, so I highly recommend checking it out on Saturday 23 November from 15:30-18:30 - don't forget to bring something to barter!

I also was lucky enough to catch Hossein Ghaemi's rooftop operetta 'The Deficient Of Solution Development: Quizzing Makes Remedy' (which is also on again on Saturday 23 November from 18:00-19:00). As described in the program: 'Three warriors rise up from three unique and elevated positions to engage in a combat of sonic "questions" as their weapons. These distinct and powerful voices become sweet remedy for serenity as individual uncertainties melt.' All true. And, if nothing else, it's worth passing by for the magnificent costumes, surprisingly transcendent voices, plus generally pretty wonderful sight of an indulgent, fantastical vision taking flight atop a low-rise inner-city block! Allez-hop.

You can view the full Tiny Stadiums program here, or visit the Facebook page there. Check it out!


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