22 July 2013

.HSD images

A project I have been working on titled Hyper Spectral Display (.HSD) launched on 28 June 2013 at 55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU.

It is an exhibition featuring works by Adam Cruces, Amalia Ulman, Clara Chon, Jack L. Dunbar, Joe Hamilton, Matthew Linde, Megan Hanson and Oliver van der Lugt.

It will also be a PDF publication titled .HSDPDF featuring contributions by the artists as well as texts by Giselle Stanborough, Holly Childs, Kailana Sommer and Rozsa Farkas, with design by Nadia Hernandez (more on that later).

There is also an .HSD Tumblr, which you can follow by clicking: hyperspectraldisplay.tumblr.com.

Install pictures of the show, and the opening night performance can be found at this link:


These are some pictures that you won't find on the above link:

Matthew Linde, I interned for J. Crew 2013. Background (L to R) Adam Cruces and Megan Hanson. Photo: Joe Hamilton.

Clara Chon bag modeled by Oliver van der Lugt. Photo: Clara Chon.

Joe Hamilton, Untitled Triptych (Panels 1-3) 2012-13. Photo: Joe Hamilton.

Jack L. Dunbar, Magical Aftermath of Optimised Real-Life Sharing 2013. Photo: Jack L. Dunbar.

L to R: Adam Cruces, Still Life with Bags 2013, Megan Hanson, (...so are the days of our lives) 2013. Photo: Eleanor Ivory.

Jack L. Dunbar, Optimised Real-Life Sharing 2013. Photo: Jack L. Dunbar.

Rowan Oliver modeling for Matthew Linde at opening. Background Amalia Ulman, Epic Bitter Swirls 2013. Photo: Joe Hamilton.


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