13 August 2013

Anatum's Abode - text call!

Anatum's Abode is a 'cultural hub and independent exhibition space' located at 613 Commercial Road, London E14 7NT.

They run various events based around sound, movement, food, learning and physical awareness, all in a shared, non-prestige oriented environment. The notion of 'art world' and the social-climbing trappings that come with it, as well as the way real culture is distorted into image/reputation-building exercises, are all things Anatum's works against.

Always trying.

They describe themselves as 'an arts center focusing on bringing people together and providing exhibition space for emerging and established artists, free of charge. Anatum's Abode welcomes all with arms wide spread - be it works of any media or various types of performance.'

Check their Facebook page for event updates and news and/or email anatumsabode[at]gmail.com to ask for information or to be added to the mailing.

Recently a call-out has been made for texts of any kind for Anatum's print-on-demand service. This is the announcement:

we have a printer. lets give it voice.
we are offering a drop in print on demand distribution point.
print in black on white from 2-6pm.
enthusiasts, empathics and anyone from convinced to experimental is welcome to contribute their research, dissertation,poetry, exploration

from now:

Distribution of info

print on demand at Anatum's Abode

opening hours 14 – 18h : 7/7

written works on any topic produced with free will and dedication

All rights reserved to the author

Anatum's Abode is open to receive written material to be distributed at the gallery during the opening hours

Brief :

Texts on any topic


essays, dissertations, research, poetry, investigations

produced with free will and dedication only


the idea is to provide access to intellectual property formally and informally, spread the word and give it voice.

anything you feel strong about and have put the effort to formulate in any language will be accepted, provided it has been produced by you personally with free will and absolute dedication

works will be printed in black and white and can be read directly in the salon in the gallery or alternatively in the garden of Anatum's Abode

a contribution towards the printing costs and a self appointed donation for the author's work is requiered, commentary about the work can be left to be forwarded accordingly


to be added to the archive please send your writing to anatumsabode@gmail.com and include a brief description of the content as well as infos about yourself

please spread the word among your contemporaries

looking forward to your contribution


Anatum's Abode

Anyone with something to say should get in touch! And in the meantime, check out Health in the Arts platform, run out of Anatum's: HIAS.


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