25 July 2013

2 cities, 1 night: Auckland and London

Friday 26 July 2013

Firstly, in Auckland, an exhibition titled Hermes' lack of words, curated by Alex Davidson, will open at Artspace from 6pm.

The show features artists:

Manon de Boer
Eleanor Cooper
William Hsu
Milli Jannides
Rosalind Nashashibi

Davidson writes in her introduction to the show:

"Can we ever be present in the past? Perhaps in moments: a scene glimpsed, a sound heard, a history felt, a story grasped. Yet we are always, invariably, brought back to the present by the present incessantly nagging at our shirt. The title of this exhibition imagines a short diversion from a story. Hermes, the figure who carried messages and stories between the world of the gods and the world of the mortals, and was protector of thieves, travelers, herdsmen, orators, wit, literature and poets, traveled the border between material and imagination. But in the diversion, which is the focus of this exhibition, Hermes is, for once, tongue-tied. Unable to describe something of the world from which he had come, his role is momentarily diverted. Within this diversion, the works of this exhibition form a study of memory’s inscription into matter, and of matter’s command over memory. Together they provide an exploration of diversions from the main picture, and of the ways in which the ‘stuff’ of material intervenes in memory and imagination at the same time as it clamps them together."

In addition there will be two 2pm Saturday artist talks:

3 August with Milli Jannides
31 August with William Hsu.

A publication with contributions by Evangeline Riddiford Graham, Milli Jannides, Emma Leach, Louise Menzies, Rosalind Nashashibi and William Pollard will be launched on 31 August at 3pm, also the last day of the exhibition.

This is the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/484421518314502/


Secondly, in London, Arcadia_Missa are launching the fourth issue of their journal How to Sleep Faster, in addition to celebrating the end of their current exhibition ETHIRA by Amalia Ulman.

Kicking off at 5pm, the closing-party-cum-launch will include musical sounds, a neighbourly barbecue, drinks and love! All is BYO and share.

The contributors to this issue of HTSF are:

Megan Kelly Rooney
Eleanor Ivory
William Kherbek
Hannah Black
Harry Sanderson
Georgina Miller
Paul Kneale
Candice Jacobs
Aimee Heinemann
Ann Hirsch
Harry Burke
Rosa Aiello
John Bloomfield
Maja Malou Lyse (Boothbitch)
Holly White
Martina Miholich
Felix Petty
Huw Lemmey
Rachel Schofield Owen
Charlie Woolley
Jesse Darling

Be sure to grab a copy or order online, it's full of gems. And don't forget to download ETHIRA (if you use iPhone or iPad) for FREE by clicking:

This is the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/340959622703156/


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